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Howdy!  I'm Dawn Embers, the creator and the reviewer from the US. In high school, I would read all the time but in college I tapered off. This blog is part of my goal to read more along with writing. As a writer, I dapple in many genres with a particular emphasis in fantasy but am focused on writing books with gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and others under the rainbow type of main characters. I tend to write in any genre that comes to mind which leads to a variety of reading picks as well.

My favorite genre is fantasy. I love witches, mages, and elves in particular. On a few sites my username is Elfmage7, which shows what I like and sometimes causes people to think I'm male and/or a gamer (and I'm neither). Epic fantasy is great but as with other genres, I'm very behind in my reading. I will read other genres and used to love John Grisham novels, for example. I am not a fan of vampires because for some reason my boredom threshold just seems to be lower with them so don't expect many vamp books from me.  I have been reading more Young Adult and Middle Grade novels as of recent.

Wheel of Time Goal: Read 10 books in the series by Robert Jordan starting with Eye of the World and moving on from there.
Progress = 1/10

Dawn's to-read book montage

With Love
Death Cloud
White Cat
The Virgin Suicides
Eternal on the Water
Thirteen Reasons Why
My Soul to Take
The Floating Islands
Wrestling with Desire
Veil of Roses
Cryer's Cross
The Dark and Hollow Places
The Dead-Tossed Waves
Would-Be Witch
The Replacement

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