We are now accepting guest posts. There are a number of things to consider and we reserve the right to not only edit posts but also deny any offers that don't fit in with the overall blog. But on a happier note, we will also appreciate any offer from any that send a guest request.

If you would like to submit a review for the blog, then send an email about which book you would like to review. This is the initial contact and from there, if it's a book not on the list already for the main bloggers, then the review will be requested.



1. Be respectful. I know this might seem obvious but whenever people talk down on book review blogs it is because of a negative/rude review. It's okay to not like a book and list why it didn't work for you as an individual. But the key factor is in the language used to explain the reasoning behind the lower ratings. And even top ratings need some explanation.

2. Be open to edits. We won't tear the review apart or anything mean. Just if we see spelling errors or anything small like that, we will fix it. In fact, the reviewers for this blog do that for each other. Any post reflects on the owners of the blog, so it's important that they are written well.

3. Length - Try to get more than a couple paragraphs on the book. We tend to use goodreads for the book descriptions though sometimes we'll use other sources, but the book description shouldn't count in the length for the review. I would like to see at least 3 paragraphs. On the other side, try not to go too long. The readers don't want an essay to get through, though I sometimes can get wordy.

4. Keep the rating to Teen level. I don't mind if reviewing an adult book (even erotica) but keep the language about the book to pg-13. Since we often review young adult books then we want them to be able to read our reviews as well. If reviewing an erotica book or romance with a cover that is a bit too sexual, we may not post the book cover. But as long as the language of the review isn't graphic, then it should be okay. Good to be open but still cautious.

5. Try to review books not already on the blog. This won't always be easy at times but we are trying not to have repeat reviews simply because there are so many books available for readers that it's better to review different ones. Let readers know what all is out on the shelves for the taking.

6. Don't give away any spoilers! There are people reading the reviews who haven't read the book, so don't give away important information. Mentioning specifics in the book because they are linked to the rating can be okay but one must be very careful what gets revealed in a review. So, make sure to keep the blog reader in mind.

7. We no longer do ratings. Instead, we recommend putting on the review who you think would appreciate the book, if you can think of a particular audience. This is nice to have on the review but if you'd rather not try and figure out who would want to read the book then that will be acceptable too.

We look forward to anyone who is daring enough to offer a review for our blog. Thank you.

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