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~ The Blog ~

As might be obvious, this is a reading blog where we will review books after reading them. This is something I've been thinking about for a few months now. While I don't do enough reading, or at least I didn't do enough during 2010 or a couple of years before it, I want to change that part of my life. I have a reading group that is getting started and we are close to picking out first book. And I have a tub full of books I want to read that I bought last year. While there are a number of book reviewing blogs already out there, I took careful consideration as to whether I would start one of my own or not. But I'm going for it anyways. And I'm fortunate to not have to do it alone.

~ The Books ~

We don't have a genre restriction here and will read whatever we can get our hands on. Sure, each reviewer may have a personal preference but this blog is for any books read. It may make for some chaotic genre throwing and the occasional crossover when two people want to review the same book but that's part of the fun. One goal, however, will to never give away spoilers. Reviews aren't going to be fluffy, happy all the time either but there shouldn't be a cruel/mean/bad-for-no-reason on any type of book here. The reviews for books are going to be honest but respectful.

~ The Reviewers ~

I am not alone here, thankfully. There are two other reviewers who have joined me in my possibly crazy idea of starting a book reviewing blog. On the right of the blogs posts are two sections to get to know all three main reviewers for this blog. The first set is a link to our blogger accounts that will show those profiles and other blogs. Below that are personal pages and each one is personalizing their page with information they deem fitting to talk about books, reviewing and their reading in general.

Reviewers are: Dawn Embers(Me), L'Aussie and WritersBlockNZ.

Aside from Me, L'Aussie and WritersBlockNZ, we will be open for the occasional guest blogger. None are scheduled yet but this is the first post so who knows what the future will hold. I have one reviewer in mind for a guest post so far but won't worry about that until the blog has been up for a couple of months. Guests will need to email me, but there will be a page up with instructions for anyone who wants to do a review for the blog.

~The Future ~

This is a starting point and there is more to come in the future. Already there has been talk of giving away books on this blog, which is always fun. Also, I have some swag from Promise by Kristie Cook to giveaway in the future. I'm also tempted by new book cover posts from a particular blog that I like to view but won't start that just yet since it involves certain efforts that I haven't worked on yet. As for the rest, who knows. Don't want to get too ahead. First comes the reading and reviews, maybe someone will follow the blog and we'll move forward from there. So...




Dawn Embers said...


Let's see if I can make a comment on the blog.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, I've been reviewing for ages but mainly pbs. I also want to read more this year and have got off to a great start with novels. I'd love to do a guest post some time after MoP.

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