Welcome and Call for Reviews

Hello fellow readers.

First off, I want to say a quick welcome to our newest official addition to the blog. She has posted a couple guest reviews for us in the past and I decided she would make a good edition to the small team we have going so far here on Reading at Dawn.

Welcome Ashlee Burke. :-)

Ashlee reads often young adult fiction, so that does increase our YA review side. We will have her official bio up in the near future along with her next book review. Which brings me to the next quick little point of this email. I wanted to remind people that we are open to guest bloggers/reviews.

In particular, Reading at Dawn is looking for non-YA book reviews. Check out the Guests page for more information.

Also, we are coming up with a reading day blog hop, so look for that in the near future. Have a good day and keep reading.



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