April Plans

Hi everyone.

Just thought I'd post a little warning ... I mean, information about April because this blog has been a slow, post every now and then throughout the year type blog for a little while. April we are going to do something off the wall and different. Usually, I take part in the April blog challenge on my personal writing blogs (both of them at the same time last year), however, I thought what better way to kick up the reviews a notch than join a challenge.

April is the A to Z blog challenge! Woot!

Yep, we are taking part from A all the way to Z for one of my favorite blogging challenges and joining the over 1700 bloggers taking part this year. 26 letters of the alphabet will lead to 26 book reviews for this blog. Either the title, author or series name will start with the letter for that given day. It's crazy but just might work out.

And thankfully, I'm not doing it alone. My sister, who has been officially made a member of the blog, will be showcasing a few reviews closer to the end of the month. But I've also enlisted an amazing reader that I know on Writing.Com, who has offered to do a bunch of reviews for me. She could probably do the whole month alone, that's how awesome of a reader she is and I can't wait to see her reviews.

So expect 26 reviews in April ranging including YA, Fantasy, Non-fiction, and even a little manga.

It's going to be crazy fun. :-D



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