Touch of a Thief by Mia Marlowe

I got this one from the library as I searched for a regency romance. I couldn’t remember the word regency, so I just went by covers. The cover got my attention, then the whole gem ability interested me enough to check it out.

About the Book: Lady Viola Preston is careful to wear gloves when she steals jewels. When she touches a gemstone with her bare skin, it speaks to her, sending disturbing visions. Still more disturbing is the handsome rogue who catches her red-handed.

The book wasn’t quite what I expected. It did have the gem part which is the focus of the book description and an adventure to try and steal a precious diamond. There was also romance, of course. I’m just not very familiar with the genre. In fact, it made me wonder where they draw the line between romance and romance/erotica, because the sexual element was quite prominent in this one.

Not that I’m against erotic elements to a story. I write erotica on occasion and run a contest that requires such. Just when expecting to read a romance novel, I didn’t quite think the very beginning of the novel would be guy learning kama sutra. And the sexual relationship that develops takes up a fair amount of the story.

I did like Viola. She had quite the personality, which made the story interesting. She’s struggling to fit in the place she expected to have in society after trouble came upon her family. With both personal and social issues to handle during times where certain expectations are hard to follow. The guy, Quinn, I wasn’t sure about at times. Not my type but they had a good dynamic that developed throughout the story.

The conflict escalated well near the end of the novel in particular as the stakes became raised. I was uncertain when I first started reading this book since I tend more towards fantasy and such, but towards the end I couldn’t wait to read more. People who are looking for a bit of a different approach to the regency romance, I recommend this one. The visions from touching gems did have an interesting development that worked with the characters presented. Though not quite accurate on the historical levels (according to other reviews I've seen posted), it’s enjoyable as just a fiction story for those who enjoy the genre. If romance is your genre, maybe check this one out.

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