J is for Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde, Author

Book 10 in A to Z challenge

Jasper Fforde writes a series of fantasy books about an alternative reality in which a human agency polices the world of books, a reality in which book characters exist, time and reality are mutable and the literary is often more real than every day life. Meet Thursday Next, one of those agents policing text, who is tasked with the retrieval of Jane Eyre who has been kidnapped from her novel.

Across books and realities, with the aid of many well loved literary characters and a father who has been erased from history, Thursday Next hunts for the missing heroine with whimsy, wit and a phlegmatic disposition we are never certain is true or pretend. The climax of the Eyre Affair both leaves you laughing and wanting more - fortunately there are other books to follow that first.

This book is for any book lover with a sense of humour and the ability to simply disband belief and be taken on the roller coaster of craziness and familiarity which is the book world. This book defies traditional age rating though I believe that the lovers of the classics will fall into it faster, and more completely, than others.

Reviewed by:
Christine Blackthorn



Anonymous said...

Oh yes! Jasper - love him to bits! especially Thursday

Shawn Yankey said...

This sounds like a really cool book. I might have to try this one out.
Shawn from, Laughing at Life 2

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