M is for McGuire, Seanan

Seanan McGuire, Author

Book 13 in A to Z challenge

October Daye is a changeling (half fae) knight who has just woken from fourteen years as a fish in a San Francisco pond. She wakes to a daughter who wants nothing to do with her anymore, a life she cannot recognize anymore, cell phones small enough to lose — and a murdered friend.

In search for the murderer, and a way to remove the death spell which snapped around her the moment her friend was killed, October Day reconnects with old friends and enemies, has to re-evaluate old relationships and make new ones. In the end it is her ingenuity, her honour and loyalty in the face of bone deep heartache which draws the reader into her life.

The October Daye novels are a travel through celtic mythology and urban fantasy, their heroine not a cool, disassociated and disenchanted sex symbol but a normal woman (or as normal as it gets for a half fae who serves as a knight on a fae court and has spent the last decade and a half as a fish). Somewhere between car chases through San Francisco, magically appearing dresses and pointy ears you will fall in love with this heroine - that is if you are not laughing tears.

This is an urban fantasy accessible to both mature young adults and adults alike but I believe it is us adults which will truly appreciate the depth and humour of the story.

Reviewed by:
Christine Blackthorn



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